Starting This Adventure

Good Day!

I am Chris, currently with the moniker “The Secret Hoprative”.


I am starting this blog/journal in an attempt to highlight all of my adventures through the great brewing scene that this country has to offer. I am currently based out of the great state of Colorado, one of the best scenes in the country for the craft brewing industry.


Per The Brewers Association, Colorado Ranks #3 on most breweries per capita and #2 in most craft beer produced per every 100,000 adults in the United States. Vermont ranks #1 out of both of those categories, guess I know where I should be visiting next.

My personal goal currently is to visit 100 different breweries in Colorado. Simultaneously, it is my goal to provide an insight into the beer this great state offers. For a universal experience, each brewery I visit I intend to taste a wheat beer, a darker beer, an IPA, and something sweeter or something higher ABV…or just drink everything on the menu as you will see with my next entry.


Thank you for joining me on this wonderful adventure. Hopefully, you gain a greater appreciation and some great drinking ideas throughout this whole experience. Also follow me on Instagram @secret_hoprative to see many pictures of the beers I’ve had up to this point, there are certainly a lot.


-The Secret Hoprative


Starting This Adventure